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    Digital Marketing, Social Media Designing

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    Daffodils Study Abroad Pvt Ltd.

Immigration Agency

Most competitive arena in North India

The primary objective of this brand is to promote the immigration options like Study Abroad consultancy, education institutions of Canada over the digital world like social media and google platform. We have created creatives with the right message and visualization and promote it over social media.

Education Institution

Education institution requires separate strategy

The promotional strategy for education institutions is different from the immigration agency. Visuals are fully focused on language learning courses like IELTS, PTE etc. The language learning programs are also promoted using general information rather than only the product details.

Newspaper Advertisement

Former methodology of promotion

The former methodology of newspaper advertising is still in trend. We have designed a full-page advertisement for Daffodils using the visual styling of the audience location. We’ve highlighted the success stories to let know better about the brand by the audience.

Video Advertising

Motion story for Canada migration

Video advertisement plays the main role in booming a brand over the digital world. A video advertisement has been made on the topic of Canadian study permit in which we were highlighting the main key features.

Daffodils Study Abroad

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