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Campaign Design

A story that brings out brand features in attractive visuals.

Kingslane brand is packed up with lots of features that can attract a lot of audience to their brand. But they need to display and promote their features over the digital media to reach the right audience through the right visuals and content. These two campaigns complete their objective to send their message to the right audience and aware of them with the right content.

Campaign One

Things That Can Be Done In 5 Mins At Kingslane

Campaign Two

Things That Make Your Life Blissful At Kingslane

Product Creatives

Showing the product and its amenities is the main objective.

To sell the product, a brand needs to display them in an attractive way with the right words that can attract the audience towards your product. We have created visuals that show the interior and exterior of the Apartments and also the amenities provided along with them in an attractive manner that attracts the suitable audience to buy that product.

Festival Creatives

Visuals that reminds
audience about your brand.

It is the easiest way to remind the audience about your brand through the festival creatives. This the way of promoting your brand through the festival wishes without telling anything about your brand. But the audience will able to know about your brand.

COVID-19 Pandemic

No stop even in the pandemic.

In the condition of the pandemic, the sales of each and every product went down but to stay on top of the market, a brand won’t be able to stop the promotions. But on the other side, they won’t able to promote their products. To stand and stay top in the market we have created visuals related to the COVID-19 which are based on current situations like general awareness information, greetings to help workers, or relating the information to the brand, etc.

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