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Take advantage of our Web Design & Development Services in India to Share your Brand Story, Streamline your Online Presence, Connect with your Consumer Emotionally and Increase Demand for your Products/Services. This is what makes us the Best Website Design & Development Company in India.

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    As a branding and marketing agency in Chandigarh, our recent work showcases our expertise in crafting innovative solutions that drive business success. Media Wall Street continuously push boundaries to deliver transformative results for our clients. Explore our portfolio to see how we’ve elevated brands and achieved remarkable success.

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    Why Media Wall Street as your Website Development Company in India?

    Take advantage of our expertise. Build your Brand Equity and Business online. Take your Marketing & Business ideas live & turn it into a profitable and growing business with the best Website Development Company in India!

    • 10+ Years of Business Experience at Leadership level.
    • Website Design Strategy driven by application of Data.
    • Web Development Services Built on Consumer Insights.
    • Application of Best in Class Technology Stack.
    • Our Understanding of the Power of Branding & Advertising.
    • Our Fully Managed Website Maintenance Capabilities.
    Brand Strategy Development in Chandigarh at Media Wall Street - Best branding and marketing agency in India

    Why you need a Professional Website Designing Company in India?

    Consumer expectations are very different today. They increasingly want to connect with businesses instantaneously. For them, your web presence is like your visiting card (so it better be delightful).

    Media Wall Street will apply its consumer-centric and data-driven approach to help you stay ahead of your competition. Take advantage of our experience and deploy Web Technology into your business processes and generate higher ROI on your marketing investments.

    Media Wall Street offers quality website designing and development services at affordable rates. We create websites that reflect the essence of your brand, are aesthetically pleasing and perform great. We understand that your website is a gateway to your brand, and our designers and developers make sure that your website fits in harmoniously with your digital marketing strategy.

    Therefore, if you want to start a new website or maybe you think it’s time your old website has a makeover or need smart web applications? Look no further than Media Wall Street, best website designing company in India. Media Wall Street is a one-stop destination for all your digital marketing and designing needs.

    Let’s build a Consumer-Centered, Responsive Website with Intuitive Navigation for your Business.

    Best Website Design And Development Company In India

    Best Website Design and Development Company in India

    The first step for any brand in its digital marketing strategy is creating a good website. A good site, and today- web applications, are crucial for a company for brand building and marketing purposes.

    If you are looking for reliable web design and development services in India, look no further than Media Wall Street.

    Being one of the leading website designing company in India, Media Wall Street offers a host of website development services that cater to all your needs.

    We take care of all facets of web development from website designing and development to SEO and creating slick web applications. We offer tailor-made solutions for all types of business at affordable rates, and our processes are fully transparent. This is what makes us one of the top web development companies in India.

    Our Web Design and Development Services

    Web Design Services in India

    Our development team brings years of expertise in developing aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use and customer friendly websites. Our designers and developers have designed websites for a number of clients across a variety of sectors. We make sure that your website captures the essence of your brand and that it is so designed so that it smoothly guides the customers to take necessary actions.

    We capture your brand through innovative graphic design, attractive colours and clean content. Our team ensures that the coding is efficient so that it remains easily navigable and offers a customer-oriented web experience.

    Media Wall Street covers all aspects of website design and development- from conceptualising, website designing and development, beta testing and launch. We treat your brand as our own and maintain client deadlines. We value transparency and make sure that our clients are on board for every step. This is what makes us one of the top website designing company in India.

    Web Design Service In India
    Responsive Website Design Services In India

    Responsive Website Design Services in India

    Our world is becoming increasingly mobile, and it is a given that every website now must be mobile-friendly. Studies show that more users are surfing the web via mobiles. So, it is mandatory that your brand has a responsive mobile optimised website which can be easily viewed and operated across multiple devices and platforms.

    So if you want to build a website from scratch, we will design a responsive website that will be mobile-friendly. If you have an old website that needs to have a responsive design reboot, we can help you with that too.

    We make sure that no part of your website is lost in translation, and thereby ensure that you can take advantage of the mobile target audience. You can generate more leads and also broaden your reach among customers. This is what makes us the best responsive web design company India.

    Enterprise Website Development Services in India

    We understand the value of B2B relationships. A B2B web portal or website is different from a regular website. Media Wall Street can help you by providing B2B or B2C portals or intranet services.

    Another aspect of enterprise web development is building enterprise information systems, which are to be used internally. Our software development team can design effective enterprise information systems which are safe, high quality and easy to use.

    We can help manage vast amounts of data, help with better system integration and manage complex organizations. No matter what the size of your business, Media Wall Street can design the perfect EIS solution that takes care of all your needs and helps you with end-to-end management.

    This what makes us one of the top 10 web development companies in India for Enterprises.

    Enterprise Website Development Services In India
    Wordpress Website Design And Development Services

    WordPress Website Design and Development Services

    Want to be in control of your website content? Media Wall Street can design a WordPress website that allows you to add, delete or manage the content for your site without external help. Leave the backend designing to us, and enjoy an easy to operate CMS that will help you edit your web content on the fly.

    So if you are a blogger who wants to launch her own website but is intimidated with the prospect of managing it, Media Wall Street can offer the perfect solution. You can quickly write, add pictures and videos, edit and publish all you want without having to worry about the technical aspect of it.

    As the saying goes, content is king, and if you want to have your website to publish your content, it is best to update it regularly. With our effective CMS solutions, you can do just that and exercise creative control over the look of your website.

    Our team will sit with you and understand your priorities, and will provide you with a backend solution that will help you bring your vision to life. This is what makes Media Wall Street, the WordPress website design company in India.

    Ecommerce Web Designing Services

    If you are looking for the top web designing companies in India for your ecommerce website, then Media Wall Street is perfect for you. We provide customised ecommerce website designs, extensions, special modules and shopping cart software that suit your needs and business model. We also help you integrate effective third-party solutions for your ecommerce website.

    Our ecommerce websites are easy to navigate and offer a customer-centric experience- we make sure that the customers enjoy a seamless brand interface so that there is little to no difference in how they experience your brand online and offline.

    The websites we design are clean, easy to edit and update, fast loading and so created that they guide the customers into making correct purchase decisions. This is what makes Media Wall Street top 10 web designing companies in India for eCommerce business.

    E-commerce Web Designing Services
    Web Application Development in Chandigarh

    Web Application Development

    The world has changed dramatically in the last decade, and apps have emerged as crucial portals for customer engagement. Every good website today has an app. All brands want to engage with their customers directly and web applications provide the perfect interface for that purpose.

    With a good web application, you can offer exclusive deals, promote unique products and services and push special offer for your loyal customers. A good app can help small business owners score big gains and help them maintain a loyal customer base.

    Our apps are easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing, which aids in increasing customer satisfaction and makes it easier for you to engage with them positively. We give you a high standard app that does not crash and are of high quality. This is what makes us the best php web development company in India.

    Search Engine Optimization Ready Web Design Services

    A website that doesn’t generate leads is practically of no use. Media Wall Street create search engine optimized websites so that your website becomes more visible on internet.

    We optimize your website’s content and structure so that they get more hits more relevant keyword searches by the target audience, and that they are more easily crawled by search engine spiders.

    We apply only white hat SEO tactics, and all our methods are ethical and clean. If your website has incurred a Google penalty or has become a depository for junk and spam, Media Wall Street can help you get clean.

    Our developers will help your website rank at the top of search engine results and generate organic traffic. This is what makes us one of the top 5 web development companies in India.

    Search Engine Optimization Ready Web Design Services in India
    Website Maintenance Service in India

    Website Maintenance Service

    The digital world is in a state of constant flux, and it is mandatory that you keep your apps, web portals and other software updated. Media Wall Street not only designs and develops your portals but also maintains them to keep them running smoothly and to protect them from sudden attacks or jinxes.

    Be it fixing bugs, or optimising old pages, doing necessary tech updates and integrating required elements – Media Wall Street does it all. We also manage third-party updates so that your app is always integrated and running smoothly. Our team takes care of security patches, provides insights on hardware updates and even new functionalities.

    Anyone who has managed an app will know that almost every day, numerous update notifications pop-up. However, not all of them are relevant or necessary. With Media Wall Street at the helm, you can be sure that your app gets only the essential updates and is appropriately scaled so that it does not get bloated with unnecessary add ons.

    Are you a Startup?
    Take Advantage of Media Wall Street’s Small Business Launchpad!

    Best Web Design Agency in India for startups and solo entrepreneurs, who want to change the world. We provide everything that you need to take your business idea live & turn it into a profitable and growing online business!

    • The Different Ways to Monetize Your Brand.
    • The Importance of ‘P2P’ Relationship Building.
    • How to Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout.
    • How to be ‘Seen To Sell’ to Grow Influence.
    • The Power of Pre-Selling Your Products.
    • Plus, much, much more!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What is web designing and development?

    Web design is the process of creating a website for the front end. This includes website layout and content; both textual and graphic. Web designing is about creating the look of a website. Web development is about creating the necessary coding that brings the design elements to life. This involves using software and web-languages. Web development, again, is of two types- front end and back end.

    Q2. What is responsive web design?

    Responsive web design is a way of designing a website that makes it render well on a variety of devices and window sizes. A responsive website automatically adjusts its appearance according to the device it is being viewed on. It takes into account the size of the screen, the nature of the device, the OS and the user orientation settings.

    Q3. When is website development process?

    Website development process usually involves 6 stages:

    1. Information gathering – Getting all the necessary information to show on the website. This is also about getting the feel of the website and brand right.
    2. Planning – this is about developing the site map, and creating a website layout. Developers decide what technologies are needed to bring the website to life.
    3. Design– The designers give a layout of how the front end of the site should look like.
    4. Development– Developers use coding to bring the design elements to life. The backend is also developed for easy management.
    5. Testing and delivery – The website is tested for viewing across multiple devices, platforms, window sizes and orientation. Minute adjustments are made so that the user-experience is not compromised no matter what device he uses.
    6. Maintenance – The website has to be updated regularly. This involves troubleshooting, preventing scam and monitoring activity as a whole.
    Q4. What is front end web development?

    Front end web development is also called client end development. It is about developing and managing what the users can see visually on the website. Front end developers convert the coded data to a visual interface- so that users can view and interact with what they see on the website. Front end developers are responsible for getting to look and feel of the website right.

    Q5. Why is typography important in web design?

    Typography is about arranging all the content on your website. It is extremely important, because typography determines how information and content will be arranged on the website, how the look and feel of the site will be, and how user-friendly the website will be. Typography affects user perception of your website and readability of content you provide, so you must pay attention to it.

    Q6. What is web 2.0 design?

    Web 2.0 refers to the second stage of website development- where websites encourage user generated content, audience participation and easy operability by the target audience. Social media platforms are its most significant example. Web2.0 design is about letting users interact with each other on the website, and forming web communities.

    Q7. What Is seo website design?

    In order to be more “searchable”, your website design should be SEO friendly. This means that the content should have relevant keywords, and the website structure, design and coding should be such that it can be scanned and read easily by search engine spiders. The faster spiders can read your website, the faster it will be able to identify keywords and the higher will it rank your page in search results. The process by which you design a website that is SEO friendly is called SEO website design.

    Q8. What do web development companies do?

    Web development companies develop websites, but also develop a variety of programs and codes that are used by various online applications. Even software that are available and can be used online (like calculating taxes or forex conversions) are created by web developers. However, they are most well known for creating websites- especially creating the codes and algorithm languages that makes the website design elements come to life. With their program making the website live, users can interact with the website.

    Q9. What is UI and UX in web development?

    UX stands for user experience design, and UI stands for User Interface. These are 2 facets of developing a website. UI deals with developing and implementing the tools people use to interact with a website- like buttons. UX deals with user behavior and the feel of a website- so it focuses on creating a website which will enhance a user’s experience of it. UX and UI and mutually dependant, and influence each other, and a good developer balances both so that a website can be as user friendly as possible.

    Q10. How to develop website faster?

    If you are a veteran web developer, you should start with a “starter site” by designing a basic framework on WordPress.

    Incorporate codes, plugins, themes etc that you use repeatedly. Go for popularly used templates- this helps you cut down hours while designing a website. You can create a new WordPress site on the domain, and export your old site there. You can edit it and speed up the development process.

    Q11. How much should web design cost?

    There is no definite answer to how much should web designing cost. What should matter is the quality of the work. There are many webs designers who might offer cheap rates but deliver substandard work. Similarly, there can be web designers whose charge may seem excessive but who deliver a website that is good to look at, conveys the brand feel perfectly and encourages the viewer to explore more.

    Q12. What is wordpress website design?

    WordPress is an open-source website development tool available online. Majority of websites today are designed on WordPress. If you want a WordPress website, you must become familiar with the WordPress UI. Get some basic settings and plugins in the backend, select a theme and start creating pages. You will be required to make necessary typographical changes based on your theme and other website requirements. There are many tutorials available online to help you create a WordPress site- or you can hire a good website designer or agency to do it for you.

    Q12. Why responsive web design is good for SEO?

    Responsive web design is a basic requirement today for all websites. Responsive web designing means to design a website in such a way so that it renders well on a variety of devices, screen sizes, operating systems and orientation. SEO’s aim is to have your website rise to the top of search rankings. That happens when you can reach out to as many readers as possible. Hence, if you have a responsive website, it gives readers using all sorts of devices a chance at surfing your website, which gives your website more views. This automatically helps in SEO.

    Q13. What you do as a web design company in India?
    1. Responsive websites : With more customers surfing the web from their mobiles and tablets, it is important that your website responds to the user environment. The websites we design are responsive to all devices and platforms. We make websites that are clean, fast and attractive.
    2. Vibrant graphic design : Our development team makes sure that your website is attractive and visually appealing. We enhance your brand’s visual appeal with eye-catching and unique graphic elements that prompts your viewers to explore more and visit again.
    3. eCommerce websites : Designing ecommerce website requires a good understanding of the entire purchase cycle, and the customer’s needs. We also provide product descriptions and interactive visuals that highlight your products in the best possible way. This makes it easy for you to convince the customer of your product’s value.
    4. eCommerce SEO : Media Wall Street also takes care of ecommerce Search Engine Optimization (ecommerce SEO) needs, so that your website ranks at the top of Google search results. The result is increased lead generation, and building up your website’s reputation. This leads to long term increase in ROI.
    5. Content Management System : We specialize in developing CMS-based website development, so that you can easily manage your website to keep it updated and fresh. We provide you with tools that are strong but easy to operate, and can be used by anyone.
    6. Web Application Development : Web applications development is an extension of actual software development. We provide end-to-end web development, that includes front end and back end development, as well as quality assurance and quality control services. We automate laborious or repetitive tasks that ensure a shortened customer feedback loop, reduce costs and makes website improvements fast.
    Q14. Why Media Wall Street as your Website Development Company?

    Your website is an inanimate spokesperson for your brand. It must reflect your brand’s strengths and values, and should be so designed and oriented so that it is highly visible on the net.

    Media Wall Street being a leading digital marketing agency understands that a website should be a part of the overall branding and marketing strategy of a company. Our understanding helps us conceptualize website designs that enhances your brand.

    Through our SEO processes, we make sure that your website sees increased organic traffic, and is featured at the top of Google search results. We not only give you a well designed and sleek website, we make sure that the content is optimized for lead generation, and the website is glitch-free and fast.

    Media Wall Street starts with understanding your intended audience and your brand. We then create a website that will be an ideal bridge for connecting both. Our team designs your websites keeping current trends in mind so that your brand and website remains relevant. The web development tools we use enable us to give you flexible design elements that have room for accommodating upcoming trends and necessary changes.

    For ecommerce website, we provide great landing page designs, so that the customer gets hooked at the first look. Remember, the first impression has the maximum impact, and we make sure that they enjoy a seamless surfing (and purchase) experience.

    We design intuitive websites that are not only easy to operate, but also anticipate the viewer’s needs. This makes your customer’s experience easy and friction free, and enables you to guide them towards clicking on desired tabs. Our websites help you convert clicks to revenues, and make processing customer requests easy.

    Web development is a continuous process, and Media Wall Street will help you maintain it. Without that, there is chance of stagnation and ultimately, oblivion. We keep your website clean and make sure it does not get buried under spam. We make sure that your website is also optimized for social media shares, and that they respond to a variety of user environments and devices.

    Q15. Tell us more about your website design and development team?

    We have a dynamic team of experts who have a keen eye for design, and a sense for making websites that are marketable. Our designers and developers have years of experience in subjects like website architecture in HTML, logo configuration, website design and improvement, web search tool advertising and email promoting. We are available for our clients all the time, and we are happy to give a shape to your visions.

    So, if you want to get a fast website that looks great, and makes your visitors come back, we are here for you. We form long-term associations with our clients, and watch out for any updates and changes that they need to optimize their website after its launch. Our processes are tried and tested, and we guarantee you that your website will boost your business profile.

    Our team has worked with several leading Indian and international organizations like IBM, Infosys, Satyam, Panasonic, Lycra, Tech Mahindra, Philips, Coats, and many more. Our expertise and knowledge of digital marketing traits and trends help us serve you better.

    We aspire to serve brands from all sectors, including Education, Fashion & Apparel, FMCG, Consumer Durable, Technology, Retail and Infrastructure.

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