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Gurwinder Gill Immigration

Gurwinder Gill Immigration is known as the Australia Study Visa Expert but also specialized in study visa of the Uk, USA, Canada, and Europe. Our objective is to aware the audience about the study visa of all the countries which they are serving. We run the campaign in the Punjab area using the different demographics, custom audience, and detailed targeted audience on the Facebook and Instagram platforms. We’ve used image creatives and video media in this advertising campaign.


High School Leavers And Parents

Age Group

18-25, 40+


Facebook & Instagram

Estimated Reach


Estimated number of people who saw the advertisement at least once
gurwinder gill immigration

Different images were used for each country. Also, we have created different images for the carousel campaign for each country. All the images were designed with the main message “All Fee After Visa”.

gurwinder gill immigration
gurwinder gill immigration
gurwinder gill immigration

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